Increased Risk Visibility

Our solutions help your business create continuous visibility across your business using our managed Security Information and Event Management service to collect, store and analyze logs from your networks, servers and applications.

Efficient Response to Risks

Our Network and Infrastructure Security protects critical assets through efficient management and monitoring thus allowing timely and seamless incident escalation.

24/7 Proactive Support

Jenetworks has a dedicated team of highly technical and professional support team to provide continuous network monitoring, reporting on any anomalies immediately, so helping to reduce your overall business risk

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We Secure Your Network

Having our devices connected through the internet and other networks opens up a world of possibilities for us. We can access the information we need without having to keep it on our devices
permanently. We can communicate with others, allowing us to work together and organize our projects. These connected devices form the networks that help us run our lives.


Cybersecurity Services

As one of the main digital security organizations in Kenya, Jenetworks is setting the standard in the business by
giving total digital security arrangements intended to address all your security needs. We apply best
practices and models in all our digital security arrangements and techniques. Our security the board methodology recognizes security vulnerabilities, cleans your IT framework, seals all escape clauses, makes a resistance divider, and constantly screens your framework to alleviate any digital security risks that emerge.




Jenetworks provides a business security solution for Burglaries and any other form of crime that can set any business regardless of size, back for years. Invest in your security and avert this risk today and avert this risk today 

The realities of modern life safety is gradually coming to a leading position. It is therefore necessary to organize full protection of the house, office, apartment from unauthorized intruders. We can help you ensure the highest possible level of security, because the installation of CCTV cameras - our specialty.




Biometric Access Control Systems

At Jenetworks Ventures Ltd, we know how secure biometric systems are and can therefore give you the very best access control systems in Kenya. Due to the delicacy and complexity of such systems, we ensure you that we will install systems that will work, so that you don’t have to keep calling us due to system malfunctions. Note that malfunctions in such complex systems may lead to a lot of unwarranted delays and inconveniences.



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