Our managed cyber security services include customized solutions to:

  • Monitor all endpoint activity and stop advanced threat actors penetrating your defenses
  • Protect your users and dramatically reduce the effort required to stop advanced threats that target your endpoints, no matter where or how they work.
  • Deploy advanced intelligence technology to help your organization see, rapidly analyze and diagnose targeted zero-day threats.
  • Ensure a 24×7 real-time monitoring, correlation and expert analysis of security activity occurring in your environment, driven by an intelligence platform with reliable metrics.


A penetration test is a reenactment of a hacker assault on a system, framework, application or website used to find existing shortcomings before hackers find and endeavor them. We decide plausibility of an assault and the measure of business effect of a fruitful system bargain. We test and report every single potential defenselessness both remotely and inside that result from inappropriate framework design, equipment or programming defects and missing patches. Any security vulnerabilities that are discovered will be introduced to the framework proprietor together with an appraisal of their effect and frequently with a proposition for mitigation or a specialized solution.

Our system security evaluation group's methodology tends to wide-extending requirements for our customers and we offer a top to bottom and complete infiltration testing administration that review frameworks from an outside or inward point of view. External penetration testing - as a rule happens over the Internet to mimic the perspective on your frameworks through the eyes of a potential assailant. Internal penetration testing - empowers a business to exhaustively assess how effectively inside workers can get to delicate data.

Why Network Security Penetration test?

• Forestalling monetary misfortune through misrepresentation (programmers, scoundrels and
displeased representatives)
• Securing your image by dodging loss of shopper certainty and business notoriety.
• Demonstrating due perseverance and consistence to your industry controllers, clients and
• Non-compliance can bring about your association losing business, getting overwhelming
fines, assembling awful PR or eventually falling flat.