Jenetworks ICT outsourcing Services

Two Approaches

You have two options when it comes to managing your IT systems: you can hire your own internal IT staff, or you can outsource to a specialist IT support provider like us. Jenetworks will work closely with IT Managers to offer the mentoring and guidance they need to excel. Ensuring that they put in place the necessary levels of governance, process, and monitoring to deliver continuous improvement. This will not only boost the IT department’s role in the organization, but it will also help it to grow, rather than restrict it.


Finding the right in-house IT team is difficult, expensive and time-consuming, especially if you don’t have the necessary knowledge to interview effectively. Jenetworks will come in handy to support your resource recruitment.

Benefits of outsourcing ICT services?

In-house IT staff are completely under your leadership, meaning you must keep them motivated and manage what they’re doing. Do you really need to add this to do your everyday to-do list? Internal staff are also more likely to specialize in smaller areas of IT, meaning you’re going to need to hire a whole team, and their skills will usually be limited to the few systems they already work with. All of this leads to IT costs going through the roof.