Unless it’s properly secured, any network is vulnerable to malicious use and  accidental damage. Hackers, disgruntled employees, or poor security practices within the organization can leave private data exposed, including trade secrets and customers’ private details.
The majority of common attacks against networks are designed to gain access to information, by spying on the communications and data of users, rather than to damage the network itself. But attackers can do more than steal data. They may be able to damage users’ devices or manipulate systems to gain physical access to facilities. This leaves the organization’s property and members at risk of harm.

Competent network security procedures keep data secure and block vulnerable systems from outside interference. This allows the network’s users to remain safe and focus on achieving the organization’s goals. More than that, it means that clients and partners can also interact with the organization confidently. As Cisco says “Ultimately it [network security] protects your reputation.”

Jenetworks has partnered with the world market leaders in network security to help you secure your business with our world class solutions tailor-made for your business. We also have a highly trained and competent team of network security engineers who work hand in hand with our clients to provide the best solutions. Our partners include Fortinet, Checkpoint, Sophos, RSA, Thales and Huawei

How do we secure your network?

Deploying active devices

Using software to block malicious programs from entering, or running within, the network. Blocking users from sending or receiving suspicious looking emails. Blocking unauthorized use of the network. Also, stopping the network's users accessing websites that are known to be dangerous.

Using preventative devices

Devices that help identify potential security holes, so that network staff can fix them.

Deploying passive devices

For instance, using devices and software that report unauthorized intrusions into the network, or suspicious activity by authorized users

Ensuring users follow safe practices

Even if the software and hardware are setup to be secure, the actions of users can create security holes. Our network security engineers are responsible for educating members of your organization about how they can stay safe from potential threats

Wondering what is in for your business?

  • 24/7 Proactive Support: -Jenetworks has a dedicated team of highly technical and professional support team to provide continuous network monitoring, reporting on any anomalies immediately, so helping to reduce your overall business risk.
  • Increased efficiency- Our Network and Infrastructure solutions can help simplify overall security to enable efficient network management, while reducing upfront expenses and annual IT operations costs
  • Efficient Response to Risks- Our Network and Infrastructure Security protects critical assets through efficient management and monitoring thus allowing timely and seamless incident escalation.
  • Increased Risk Visibility- Our solutions help your business create continuous visibility across your business using our managed Security Information and Event Management service to collect, store and analyze logs from your networks, servers and applications.

Our Security Solutions